There’s something very therapeutic about spring cleaning; it’s like doing a five-day juice cleanse for the soul. Maybe it’s because we’re finally removing things from our life we no longer need (but have hung onto for way too long) or maybe it’s because we feel like proper grown-ups who have their life together? Either way, spring cleaning is a sure-fire way to hit reset and start the new season with a fresh mindset (and house).

But what if we were able to carry that indescribable feeling through to the other areas of our life? What if our body and mind could feel as clean as our home?

We love spring cleaning (our entire life) every few months, but most of all at the start of spring. Here are some of our best tips and tricks so you can detox yours too.

Fridge and pantry

The life detox begins at the biggest source of clutter and temptation: the fridge and pantry. Sure, you might give these a basic clean-out and shuffle around after grocery shopping each week, but when was the last time you really cleaned it? Working one shelf at a time, remove and assess each and every item, placing it on the bench. Check for expiration dates, and really think about whether you use or need this product. Once the shelves have been wiped, replace all items - this time in new sections. You know what they say… change is as a good as a holiday! (Yep, even in your pantry.)

Exercise regime

We’re now ¾ of the way through the year; it’s time to get honest with yourself. Have you achieved (or almost achieved) your fitness goals for the year? Are you still committed to your regime, or are the sleep-ins and excuses increasing? Do you still enjoy your workouts? If things are starting to slip, or you just need a motivational boost, it’s time to shake up your routine. Set yourself a challenge to try one new type of activity each week or month in spring, like signing up to a team sport or finally taking that boxing class you’ve always been a bit scared of.


Easier said than done, right? Many of us wish we could spring clean our diet (especially heading towards summer) but unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. Following a winter of home-cooked meals, a bit too much red wine and lots of lying on the couch binging on Netflix, it’s important to take the time to hit reset on our eating plans - and relationship with food. That said, it doesn’t need to be hard! Take baby steps and try keeping these things in mind:

  • Cut back on alcohol, added sugars, processed foods and simple carbs

  • Eat more plant-based foods, whole grains and healthy fats

  • Watch your portions

  • Eat mindfully (that is, taking the time to eat and savour the moment)

  • Up your water intake

  • Incorporate prebiotics and probiotics into your daily routine

Kréol can help with that last one - Our Sparkling Prebiotic & Probiotic Drinks are filled with billions of live probiotic cultures and prebiotic fibres, with all natural plant based ingredients and no added sugars. Plus, they’re much tastier than a supplement.


We focus so much on our physical health that often our mental health can get left behind. If you’re not one to think too much about that side of yourself, now is the time! Spend an hour writing down your thoughts or issues and looking for patterns. A tendency to compare yourself to others might be linked to your obsession with social media - maybe it’s time for a social detox? A racing mind might be settled with meditation - could you download an app and commit to 10 minutes a day for a month? Figure out where you could improve and make a plan to implement strategies.

Work life

And no, we’re not just talking about your messy desk! Just like in the other areas of our lives, it can be extremely easy to become comfortable in our career. We think it’s too hard or too late to make a change, or we don’t deserve to be in a better job, or earn more money. While you’re on a roll, take the opportunity to review your work situation. What’s stopping you from being completely happy in your career? Perhaps you need to brush up on skills, schedule more time for a social life, give your resume or LinkedIn a makeover, apply for that dream job, or just physically tidy your space. Worst case scenario? You’ll have a clean desk. Best case scenario? You could change your life.