Kréol is a range of innovative, functional antioxidant and nutrient infusions. Made with real ingredients and having a low natural sugar content they are a great healthier alternative to many mainstream artificial beverages.

Kréol creates products using real ingredients, which provides a refreshing taste. We source local Australian fruit to formulate the base for all our products, Kréol is then infused with all natural vitamins and a range of other unique nutrients. It is the natural fresh fruits and added nutrients that give Kréol it’s functional edge over other drinks in the market

Kréol is non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten friendly. Does not contain any artificial flavor, preservatives, sweeteners or colours.

  1. We do not ferment using sugar or tea
  2. Our drinks do not contain any caffeine
  3. Kréol does not contain yeast
  4. We don’t use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
  5. We use all natural plant based nutrients
  6. All products contain 30% of the recommended daily vitamin C intake. (from natural vitamin C)
  7. Kréol has no trace alcohol from fermentation

Our ‘antioxidant infusion’ contains three types of beneficial antioxidants our nutrient infusions contain four types of beneficial prebiotic fibres with both ranges having added vitamin c. Please visit our ingredients page to learn more about these unique powerful ingredients.

Antioxidants are molecules that fight cell damaging free radicals. We find many of the good antioxidants in foods such as fruit, vegetables and other plant based whole foods.

Prebiotics are special fibres that feed the good bacteria in our gut, helping them to grow and multiply. The more good bacteria, the better.

Please visit the shop tab / product pages on our website to view all ingredients and nutritional information for each product.

One of Kréol’s ingredients is a natural birch Xylitol. This product acts as a natural sweetener, our product is made from the bark of the birch trees in Finland. It has been shown in recent studies to be an effective prebiotic supporting gut flora and great for oral hygiene.

Kréol has a huge emphasis on taste. The real fruit used in Kréol provides a small amount of natural sugar.A ‘zero sugar’ product often has zero fruit and we believe that real flavour has to start with real fruit

We’ve gone the extra mile to brew our product using the finest fruits from around Australia, we’ve also added micronutrients and plant fibres that much prefer to be stored chilled for longevity.