There are lots of people in the wellness industry we admire, but Marney Jury has to be one of our favourites. As a physiotherapist and founder of popular Melbourne wellness studio, Sum of Us, she practices a healthy, happy life that we can all learn something from!

We caught up with Marney to talk about her health philosophy, diet and exercise regime, and the daily rituals that set her up for a successful day, every single day.

How did Sum of Us get started? Why did you feel this was something that was missing from the health and wellness space? Life brought four like-minded health professionals together, and although we each loved our profession of physiotherapy and myotherapy, something was missing. We felt our profession was trapped in a stark Western medicine world, with little room for modern health concepts, and renowned Eastern medicine practices. We saw beautiful yoga studios opening that oozed health, happiness and luxe, but didn’t always offer the most appropriate or highest quality of service.

What is Sum of Us, exactly? Sum of Us is a total wellness studio. The moment you step foot in the door you are met by the warmth of the space and its people, and the delicious smell of coffee from the cafe, which offers a place to sit and relax, or meet a friend after class and try a dietician-designed treat, snack, light meal, smoothie or coffee. 

We offer physiotherapy, myotherapy, massage, podiatry, dietetics, naturopathy, health coaching, and clinical Pilates. All of these services work in integration with each other to offer a holistic approach to one person’s health and wellbeing. We also offer group reformer classes, yoga, meditation, barre and Kettle-HIIT classes; our classes hold eight people, so individuals are always very well monitored, and looked after in a boutique setting. 

What was life like before Sum of Us? Were you always interested in health? Yes! As a child, I grew up in a really healthy environment; mum and dad taught, provided and encouraged us to eat healthily and live an active life. We’d often see a naturopath (rather than a doctor) when we were unwell! I was naturally always active, I played tennis and netball competitively and would complete long distance runs and workouts at home even as a pre-teen. These habits continued with me all the way through adulthood.

Why did you pursue physiotherapy? My love of health, the body and helping people led me to a career in the health profession. I was lucky enough to have the drive and opportunities to get into physiotherapy, and it allowed me to work in and live the life I am so passionate about, and share it with other people.

What is your health philosophy? Listen to your body; do what feels right for it, and what makes it feel good. This is true for nutrition and exercise, everything that I do for my health and wellness are things that make me feel good and happy.

My definition of wellness: Wellness is finding and maintaining a state of being that you are feeling and performing to your optimum. Wellness is about feeling your best at that point in time and putting yourself in a good position to sustain a healthy, content, happy, rewarding state of being throughout the lifespan. This differs for each individual and can differ and change throughout one’s life. Wellness is a state of being and a lifestyle.

Sum is all about body and mind. What do you do to keep both fit? My body and mind fitness regime is broad and varied, I’m lucky that I love to keep fit and it’s not a chore. My weekly staples are 3-4 functional group training (Body Fit Training) gym sessions to get a sweat up and add some strength and plyometric training, 2-3 Pilates classes are a must, a couple of long walks, and 2-3 short guided meditations. On top of this every week (pending time) I try and add in one other thing - usually a Barre, Meditation or Yoga class, or a run. To keep my mind fit I also read, and practice regular gratitude and ‘being present’ practices.

Do you have any daily rituals that set you up for a good day? I’d love to say I meditate every morning over a lemon water - one day hopefully! - but really, I’m up and out the door early. For me, slowing down to enjoy my morning coffee is a real treat that I try to savour before getting into the busy day. I love the mornings that I walk to work - that really sets me up.

What’s your fave go-to lunch or dinner? I’m a big salad girl! Loaded with all sorts of combinations: greens, avo, roasted veg, nuts, seeds, goats cheese, tempeh, salmon, grains...the list goes on. I’m a big fan of teaming meals with a light drink - I love a Kreol or a sparkling water with lemon… or sometimes a wine!

Do think there Is there a link between healthy body and healthy mind? How? There is definitely a link between a healthy body and a healthy mind. It’s cyclical - when we eat nourishing food full of proteins and minerals for optimal body function and repair, this assists in the function of our bodily systems, including digestive, hormonal, liver and gut. We feel better, we have more energy, we want to move and integrate with other people and we feel happier!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for living a healthy, happy life? We all have a different path; we have different physiology, different upbringings, different histories, different needs. Find what works for you - foods, exercises, practices, people - and do that. Always remember life is a pathway - there are dips, hills, diversions, but there are also highs, beautiful parts with light, and there is always a path to get back onto. Don’t be disheartened by slip-ups, because you can easily find your path again.