Aren’t podcasts the best? Before they were invented, we’d have to slave away in front of a computer screen or scour through books, attempting to research and learn about a topic we were interested in. Now, we’re able to learn about absolutely anything we want… for free… at the touch of a button… while we’re driving a car. We have access to the world’s top leaders and their pearls of wisdom in every category, from beauty to business, sports to spirituality. 

One of our favourite topics to learn about on-the-go is health. Need some advice on nutrition, recipes or food intolerances? No problem. How about exercise tips from an expert trainer? Just here. Keen to learn some strategies to boost your happiness, clear your mind and reduce stress? Right this way… 

In celebration of podcasts, we’ve put together seven incredible shows that we have on rotation at the moment. Feel free to write them down.

The Melissa Ambrosini Show 

Coming from the best-selling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl andOpen Wide is The Melissa Ambrosini show, which promises to help you live your most healthy, exciting and meaningful life. Each episode sees Melissa talk to thought leaders from around the world to chat about everything health, wealth and love. 

We’re listening to: What the Heck Should We Eat with Dr. Mark Hyman.

Plant Proof 

As the name suggests, Plant Proof celebrates plant-based nutrition and the impact this has on our own health, as well as the planet and animals around us. Host Simon Hill asks inspiring people to share their story, advice and experience so we can become more mindful, conscious and healthy. 

We’re listening to: From Sick and Tired to Thriving with Vegan Mother Loni Jane. 

Health Report

Brought to you by the ABC, Health Report covers a huge range of specialist and mainstream health issues, delivering all the facts you need to know in a half an hour podcast, so you can listen to it on your morning commute. The best part? Each episode is very relevant in a social, scientific, political or current affairs context. 

We’re listening to: Two Drinks A Day: Too Risky?

The One You Feed 

Sitting right near the top of the iTunes charts is The One You Feed, a podcast that features open-minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy and motivation. This podcast has been known to save lives - just sayin’.

We’re listening to: Julie Simon on Emotional Eating.

TedTalks: Health 

Who doesn’t love a good TedTalk? Thanks to the TedTalks: Health podcast, you can actually get off the couch and soak in all that knowledge while you’re out and about! There’s an enormous range of topics - think medical breakthroughs to clever health tips - and an amazing lineup of expert speakers every fortnight. 

We’re listening to: The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise with Wendy Suzuki 

The mindbodygreen Podcast

If you need a jolt of motivation or a dose of inspiration, The mindbodygreen Podcast is for you. Hosted by mindbodygreen founder and CEO, Jacob Wachob, it covers health, fitness, nutrition, self-help and more, but in a refreshingly honest way. It’s not scripted at all; instead, you can expect to hear the real stories and raw struggles of the biggest names in wellness. 

We’re listening to: Sarah Wilson On Her Personal Struggle With Anxiety and How She Learned to Cope.

The Healthy Hustlers 

The Healthy Hustlers believes that to be happy and healthy in your work, you need to live a happy and healthy life. It’s a hugely popular podcast that speaks with people leading successful lives, to find out why health and wellbeing is at the core of their philosophy. A great one if you need life advice, a quick pep talk or a happiness boost. 

 We’re listening to: Lisa Messenger.