Private jacuzzis, buffet breakfast, massages and facials on demand… It sounds like a typical day on board a cruise or overseas holiday, but it’s actually the itinerary of a remote health and wellness retreat, for those of us who need to recharge our batteries.

Whether you’re constantly feeling run down and burnt out, need to overhaul your diet or are struggling with a major life event, a health and wellness retreat can help to reboot your mind, body and life through a series of daily activities, therapies and nutrition.

Of course, a bit of luxury never goes astray, so we’ve put together our top six luxe wellness getaways that you’ll want to check into ASAP.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

Gwinganna is the Rolls Royce of health retreats; it’s arguably Australia’s most iconic (and luxe) wellness getaway. Tucked in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Gwinganna offers a range of packages to get you back on track. Stressed, not sleeping and addicted to sugar? Learn how to break the cycle with the two-night Triple S package. In desperate need of a full detox? Spend 7 days eating organic foods, attending wellness seminars, participating in nightly meditation and getting a few much-needed massages before retiring to your luxe villa.

Gaia Retreat

Can you think of anywhere better to reset than the lush Byron Bay Hinterland? Other than being one of the most secluded and luxurious of all wellness getaways, Gaia Retreat has a special difference in that you’re allowed to completely personalise your experience. Choose your check-in day and your retreat package, then add on extras to focus on detox, weight loss, fitness or yoga.

Golden Door Health Retreat

If indulging is your main priority, Golden Door is where you want to go. Nestled in among the vineyards of the beautiful Hunter Valley, Golden Door offers a program to help kickstart a healthy eating and exercise regime in a totally relaxing and tranquil environment. A typical day will see you waking bright and early for light exercise and buffet breakfast, followed by mind and body activities, wellbeing seminars, spa treatments and an early night.  If that’s not enough, it’s also home to Australia’s largest day spa, Spa Elysia.

Kangaroo Island Health Retreat

The health retreat on this South Australian island promises a “complete lifestyle overhaul”, thanks to their five-day Dynamic Detox Program. This program means business and calls for serious dedication to improving your health and mindset. You’ll spend seven days recharging by the beach on Kangaroo Island, and take part in a comprehensive health assessment, yoga and Pilates classes, nutrition lectures, daily sauna and massage sessions and guided walks.

Harmony Hill Wellness and Organic Spa Retreat

As the name suggests, Harmony Hill is a quiet retreat set on a private property in Margate, south of Hobart, Tasmania, and it’s all about bringing peace back into your life. It’s perfect if you constantly feel tired, worn out and behind on absolutely everything. By day, you’ll unwind with meditation, holistic therapies, bushwalking and detoxifying meals and by night, you’ll relax in your luxury hilltop villa - complete with its own jacuzzi.

Willow Urban Retreat

Need the rejuvenating effects of a week-long wellness retreat… in a couple of hours? Maybe an “urban retreat” is more your vibe. The Willow Urban Retreat in Melbourne’ Armadale travels “beyond the confines of a day spa, yoga studio or massage space” to offer an express version of nourishment, inspiration and wholeness. Book yourself in for wellbeing consultation, a spa treatment, an Ayurvedic session, some mindfulness practice or a trampolining workout.