The 6 Best Health Benefits Of Functional Beverages

Over the past decade, we’ve become more knowledgeable than ever before on the impact that sugar is having on our body. We’ve been told (in graphic detail) about what can happen if we have too much, which means we’re picking up less chocolate bars, looking for ‘no added sugar’ on labels in the supermarket, and seeing highly-addictive soft drinks being replaced with healthier functional beverages in grab-n-go fridges. 

Because of the information we’ve been given, and the huge shift that’s occurring, most of us can now make a smarter decision when we’re looking at the hundreds of options presented to us.  For example, as we’re standing in front of the drinks section in our local shop, we can now recognise that a gut-healing sparkling prebiotic or probiotic drink is far healthier than a soft drink. But while we might know it’s better for us, we might not know about the specific advantages these drinks are providing. Once you’re familiar with these six benefits, you might think twice about reaching for anything else.


Functional beverages are - quite frankly - ruling the fridges right now. And the number one reason why? Digestion. Every bottle of Kreol is bursting with beneficial Prebiotics, electrolytes and vitamins. Kreol’s unique Prebiotic range contains a rich source of plant-based prebiotics. Including Raw Organic Chicory Root, Wellmune Beta Glucans and Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Prebiotics act as a natural fertiliser for your existing Probiotics, helping to restore, balance and flood the gut with good bacteria, resulting in a clean and high-functioning digestive system.  If you’ve ever had a sparkling Prebiotic or Probiotic drink after a big meal, you’ll know how much of a difference it makes. 

Immune system 

It’s no surprise there’s a link between a healthy gut and a well-oiled immune system. When we introduce good bacteria into our gut and give our body all the good things it needs, we become the healthiest and strongest versions of ourselves and help to ward off diseases and illnesses like ulcers, common colds and diabetes. Prebiotics also act as a natural fertiliser for the probiotics in your gut, helping aid the overall function of your immune system. 


We believe a healthy gut equals a healthy mind. In fact, so do health and wellness experts all over the world! We recently sat downwith nutritionist Steph Wearne who explained the brain and gut are connected by the vagus nerve, and that 95% of our happy hormone, serotonin, is produced in the gut. In other words, once we soothe our gut, we’ll feel happier too.

Gas and bloating 

Almost everyone has experienced some form of gas and bloating in their life, whether that be from stress, food intolerances or just eating that delicious bowl of pasta a bit too quickly. If you’ve ever been through a period of gas or bloating, you’ll know the pain, discomfort and embarrassment. Thanks to the millions of probiotics, gut-healing drinks like Kreol can soothe the stomach and protect it from future issues. 


Every now and then, our bodies need a good ol’ detox to get us back to our former self; the version that feels cleansed and light on our feet. Thanks again to the enzymes and cultures found in each bottle, sparkling prebiotic and probiotic drinks are believed to naturally detoxify the body - they pick up all the bad stuff and send it straight out of the body. A perfect choice after a big weekend, or post-silly season.

Nutrient absorption 

If you’re unsure on the difference between prebiotics and probiotics, don’t stress. Nutritionist Steph broke it down for us in a previous blog poston the difference between the two: “Probiotics are strains of healthy bacteria that live in your gut, and prebiotics is what these probiotics feed on. They ferment the probiotics, which stimulate the growth of more good bacteria.” So just by sipping on a functional drink like Kreol, you’re fertilising the probiotics in your body and helping it to absorb more nutrients. Pretty cool, right?